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Hot tub Cleaning service

The price of the Professional Spa/Hot Tub Cleaning is $300, and includes:

  • Draining the spa/tub
  • External deep cleaning by hand of shell, tub, pillows, ladders, panels, cover, and stain removal
  • Complete cleansing and sanitizing of internal components such as: pipes, pumps, hoses, valves and jets
  • Refilling the spa/tub

To arrange an appointment please call me at: 703-323-4482

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Professional Hot Tub Cleaning

price: $300.00


The Hot tub /Spa must be filled with water and in basic working order. This Deal is not valid for non- working spa/hot tub.

If the spa has not been working during the winter, or for an extended period of time, you will need a separate Diagnostic/ Service Call, where we will check the spa/hot tub for possible freezing, or other damages, and tell you exactly what you need.

To arrange an appointment please call us at: 703-323-4482